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SSE Plant Hire

Commercial - Excavation & Site Works

12t - 14.9t Excavator for Hire
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Cardup, WA 6122

Sand Pad Construction and Compaction

If you’re planning sand pad construction for laying foundations or concrete placement, the right equipment is essential. At SSE Plant Hire, we have all the earthmoving equipment you’ll need to cut and fill, compact sand, and perform other tasks to prepare for the job at hand.


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SSE Plant Hire Sand Pad Construction and Compaction Services

We’ve been in business since 2013, and we have an excellent understanding of the importance of proper completion of each step in the process. We’ll outfit you with excavators, attachments, and sand compaction equipment so your job can be completed safely and correctly.

Improper compaction can result in settlements that destroy concrete over time. When doing earthworks for sand pads and/or pads for concrete for sheds or house pads or other foundation types, you need to know your bulk earthworks equipment is coming from a name you can trust. Here at SSE Plant Hire, we offer both wet and dry hire, giving you a choice on how you want your project accomplished.

Take advantage of our wet hire services provided by skilled operators with years of experience in the construction business. This option is offered on an hourly basis.

Taking on a sand pad construction job by sourcing your own certified operator? Dry hire is available at daily rates for projects of any length and complexity.

No matter the task we have the plant hire and expertise to make it happen. Not sure what earthmoving equipment you’ll need? We’re here to support you every step of the way, from start to finish. We’ll recommend the right compactor for all your sand compaction tasks. From cut and fill to concrete-ready, we can handle bulk earthworks requirements for all types of jobs.

      SSE Plant Hire Equipment

      We carry a large bulk earthworks equipment fleet that includes excavators, augers, buckets, rock drills, and more. Our service is carried out by dependable staff who know the business both inside and out, and who care about you and your project.

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          We are located in Cardup, WA 6122 and offer services all over Western Australia. We’re proud to serve Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham, Joondalup, and Mandurah.

          If you’re searching for all the tools needed for your sand pad construction and compaction project, we want to hear from you. Contact us right away to set up an appointment and discuss your equipment needs. From house pads to large foundations, we’ll handle it all with ease.

          Reach out here on our website or join us on Facebook to keep up with our company news. You can also contact us by phone. Call today to inquire about our services and receive an obligation-free quote.


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