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SSE Plant Hire

13.5 Tonne Excavator

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Cardup, WA 6122

13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator

Our 13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator is ideal for urban worksites as it provides a broad working range, even in close quarters. All our Kobelco excavators from 1-tonne to 20-tonne, embrace the latest in modern excavator technology to help you complete your project with ease and in the most efficient way possible. The 13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator delivers reliability, productivity and operator comfort in a robust, environmentally-friend machine. This excavator comes with impressive features such as the Kobelco Geoscan Excavator Remote Monitory System and the new Eco-mode that reduces fuel consumption by 21%. This energy efficient machine is a friend to the environment. With an AIS system that cuts fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, the 13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator adheres to today’s strict environmental standards.

Your operator will be thanking you for hiring this magnificent with its spacious cab design specifically constructed to provide an unobstructed view. The 13.5 Tonne Excavator’s Kobelco Proprietary iNDr also delivers a quiet operation which is perfect for production in built up areas to lower noise pollution. Contact SSE Plant Hire today to find out how you can hire this machine for wet or dry hire on your next construction project.


Eye Protection is required


Hearing Protection is required


Head Protection is required


Hand Protection is required


Body Protection is required


Suitable Protective Mask is required


Transport Truck

(Ensure suitable Loading capacity)


Will tow behind your car on Transport Trailer 

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)


Transportable Trailer

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)

13.5t Digger

  • Large ROPS
  • Cabin Emergency Stops
  • Track Pads
  • Quick Hitch
  • Attachment Piping
  • Excavator Attachments
  • Rake Bucket
  • Rock Breaker
  • GP Bucket
  • Trench Bucket
  • Batter Bucket


  • GP Bucket 600mm
  • GP Bucket 900mm
  • Batter Bucket 1500mm


  • Auger Drive
  • Rock Breaker
  • Rake Bucket
  • 5-Finger Hydraulic Grab
  • Tilt Bucket
  • Trapezoidal Bucket

Additional Excavator Specifications

This 13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator has an impressive operating weight of 13,600 kg. Its dimensions are 7.41 x 2.84 x 2.49m with a dig depth of 5.52 metres. This remarkable machine is perfect for urban worksites and major projects. 

The 13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator is a full mine spec vehicle.

SK135SR-3 Key Features

  • Reduced Fuel consumption
  • Ideal for Urban woks sites
  • Provides a broad working range even in close quarters
  • Easy workability in less than 3.5m
  • Multi-LCD display colour monitor for easy checking of operations data and machine status data
  • Improved cab design that puts the operator first

SK135SR-5 Key Features

  • Reduced Fuel consumption
  • Ideal for Urban woks sites
  • Provides a broad working range even in close quarters
  • Easy workability in less than 3.5m
  • Multi-LCD display colour monitor for easy checking of operations data and machine status data
  • Improved cab design that puts the operator first
  • Stage 4 compliant engine
  • Ultimate low noise and dust reduction with Kobelco's proprietary iNDr system
  • Minimal swing radius improves efficiency
  • Compact design allows for continuous 180 degree dig, swing and load operations within a working space of just 3.49m
  • Standard quick hitch piping which speeds up attachment changes

Services for Machinery and Equipment Hire

For footings, electrical, plumbing, communications, reticulation, stormwater drainage or infill sewerage.

General Excavations
Swimming pools, soakwell installations, workshop service pits, home extensions, stump removal and general earthworks.

Detailed Excavations
Retaining batters, landscaping and commercial foundations.

Rock Breaking
For swimming pools, trenching, soakwell installation, foundations, house and shed pads.

Concrete Demolition
Services include demolition of concrete swimming pools, concrete slabs and surfaces, commercial and industrial internal brick and concrete partitions. We also provide multi-storey and confined access rock breaking services to WA’s leading demolition companies.

Post Hole Augering
For fence posts, barrier railing, piers, retaining walls and soil sampling. Augers are available for our 14t excavators for screwpiling, piles, post holes and footing bases.

    Transport Requirements

    Delivery of the SSE machinery to site on time is of the utmost importance to SSE Plant Hire.

    SSE Plant Hire are able to offer very competitively priced metropolitan transportation costs at the time of booking equipment when the site locations has been provided.

    All transport is quoted on an hourly rate with a minimum 2 hour charge to include loading/off-loading/handover of equipment and transport.

    Our charges for delivery and pick-up vary depending on the transport requirements of the item hired, the distance to site from our yard and the time of delivery.

    Any delivery amount quoted is ‘one-way’ and for one load only.

    Any delay on site due to machine not being transport worthy will be charged accordingly.

    If multiple vehicles are required our office will contact you prior to confirm so there are no hidden or unexpected costs to you.

    We do have a minimum hire period of 1 day on deliveries, four hours isn't quite long enough for the driver to reasonably turn around and get back out to you.

    Our deliveries are normally made during trading hours, Monday 7am till Friday 5pm. However, if you need a delivery outside of these times please let us know at the time of your booking.

    Please make sure there is a safe area for our driver to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete the paperwork.

    Generally, we aim to deliver within a 2-hour window based on the expected start time requested.

    For all Dry hires, and Wet hires where Hirer is responsible for transport, Hirer is to ensure the machine is cleaned prior to loading when off hiring or moving machinery in accordance with Road Safety. Loose materials can strike other traffic and hirer will be held liable if machine is loaded with loose material still on frame/tracks etc. SSE recommends that customers organising their own transportation of equipment must ensure all SSE machinery & equipment is comprehensively insured for the duration of transport in the event of an accident.

    Special Deliveries - These may include: After-hours deliveries, Deliveries on a Saturday/Sunday, Delivery outside our standard delivery distance (25kms for metro, 50kms for regional), Special/large equipment delivery. If you are unsure, please contact the office on 9417 2553 or 0425 562 622.

    Contact SSE Plant Hire

    SSE Plant Hire provide our services throughout the Perth metro area and all of regional Western Australia including Fremantle, Rockingham, Joondalup, Mandurah and Bibra Lake. We also supply the transport for the equipment at incredibly competitive rates. Contact us today about how to rent the 13.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator for wet or dry hire.

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